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Gated Communities

Looking for the most secure, flexible, Covid-Safe entry system to your residential community?

With the ezSQR App you are not only getting the most advanced technology to enter your community, we also provide you with data on how to make entry more efficient while still offering the highest levels of protection.

We developed the most comprehensive technology that works with our smart device app or website from a PC/Mac.

Our rotating QR Code technology cannot be screenshot and texted, or sent transmitted any other way.


We offer customized solutions using ezSQR technologies for all business needs. From scheduling, attendance (clock-in & clock-out), internal/external employee tracking, data analytics


ezSQR was founded on these exact principles for the most crucial years of a child's life, pre-school.

Say goodbye to the often unreliable, messy, and germ-covered clipboard, and fast-forward into the future with our extensive Live Attendance tool. With ezSQR Live Attendance, you can feel safe that your children/students are always accounted for, administration and parents are continuously notified and data is tracked LIVE with redundant backups.

Our full service of features ensures seamless and necessary data tracking and notification on the most secure servers. Bring the power of "ezSQR Live Attendance" into your school's today.

ezSQR Projects

ezSQR app Demo: Gated Communities
ezSQR app Demo: School Drop-off and Pick-Up

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